From Start to Finish.

John Crane writes, directs, edits and produces HD commercials, short films, event videos and for corporations, entrepreneurs, and non-profits.

Our Approach.

Each project and production is imbued with the spirit and vision of John Crane Films' creative solutions for a unique mix of clients. The diverse experience in both fund raising and commercial productions allows the studio to create videos that truly embody the best of both ventures – from heartfelt stories that embody a singular, empathetic voice and HD production values that channel visual style with iconic images.

We believe everything that every project should possess a continuity of concept and cohesive voice. Not only do we want to create beautiful HD productions, we want to create an experience that becomes a call to action. 

Dedication and Results. 

A powerful idea, a motivated team, inspired production values and meticulous planning sets the stage for finding the magic that every story needs. Great stories offer hope and inspiration. And everyone knows a great story from a good story from the second they see it. And that difference makes all the hard work worth it.